reinforcement continuously

e, Li Hui excitedly towards heel at after death of Zhao Wen Dao:"Hou great brave affirmation will be a big Zhou Dynasty a life time valiant general not,knitwear affirmation is a life time valiant general not."Zhao Wen should be a member of Li Hui's under charge general, lead long win a soldier to often sign big achievement,sweaters but have never also got the stanza degree makes thus cry up, he is full of grudge ground to looking at the dust that the distance haven't fallen in,sweater heart way:The Hou is big brave, you don't fall on my hand,knitwears otherwise to certainly want to make you die difficult see. The Liao soldier commander-in-chief Xiao treasure Jean die in battle Cang state in addition to city, Liao soldier group without a leader,women's sweaters the morale greatly reduces, at this time,knitwears men everywhere reinforcement continuously from rushed everywhere, the Cang state city defends fastness,sweater dress the black vulture soldier harasses everywhere in the outside line, battlefield situation less and less the benefit is at the Liao soldier.Liao soldier hence living to back an idea,women's sweaters storm Cang state city after, take advantage o the whole army north Sa in night,mens sweaters set alight the war signal of half month to have no result like this the ground put out. The war of Cang state, Liao soldier Sun the soldier fold will,sweaters dress have no achievement but return, Central plains the common people don't need the disaster of being subjected to a soldier's disaster.The black vulture soldier is also a war to become famous and become the biggest winner.The Hou big brave and black vulture soldier becomes Cang state hero,men's sweaters the gossip is exposed by truths, and the black vulture soldier cuts the story of enemy's great commander to also become legend in ten thousand soldiers. The Hou is big brave is not been blunt to faint brains by the victory,mens sweaters the war of Cang state, the black vulture soldier experiences a test, in the meantime, also expose a many problems, post-war two days, the Hou is big brave didn't return to Cang state inside the city, but stayed in

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