take over in the mountain

cend a ride to shout a way:"Wang San, you also too timidity,sweater vest no one is stupid to ambush on this knoll ascent. The Kuang holds Fu to take over in the mountain of grass from in, can see ride the hand shallow beard,sweaters ride a hand very young, full with pimple,christmas sweater listen to companion cry, have a little ashamed,men's sweaters beat the hillside in horse. The north man advance guard shall arrives soon very much forward the leopard camp establishes Fu area, leopard camp the non-commissioned officer is concealed in the one small forest,cashmere sweater non-commissioned officer near the highway chase bow and arrow best, if north man the advance guard discover a leopard camp and then immediately attackstone with the arrows. When north man advance guard walked up delitescence ground,cashmere sweaters a war horse of leopard camp suddenly beat a ring a nose, north man the advance guard listenned to this and knew ambush and hurriedly dropped to turn Ma Tou to want to run,womens sweaters a line of bow and arrows is shot, in all of more than ten advance guards arrows. North man soldier impedimenta troops invite thousand odd person,sweaters vests present 1, appear in the knoll before the ascent,wool sweaters see the signal that the advance guard beat to pass, then trust to boldly pass a knoll ascent. These advance guards are leopard camps the non-commissioned officer counterfeit,womens sweaters for of is lead a north man soldier into to ambuscade a turn.When Kuang held to wait until the impedimenta troops big department to walk into, press in advance a project,sweater coats the shot rings soldier drum. The tiger camp uses Nu arrows to shoot to go to the north man soldier after musting make, north man soldier depend on at impedimenta behind,knitwears carry on a time to shoot.The north man soldier general took a to pay riding of 200 people soldier and 300 people to tread the escort brigade that the soldier constitutes and saw persons of knoll ascent not much, the organization convoy brigade rides a soldier blunt climb mountain an ascent. Black vulture each soldier of soldier hears drumbeat, know a north man all of the sol

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